Lock up your sisters, mothers, daughters, and even your slightly disfigured mannequins… FLUFFER is back!!! Recently paroled and ready to rock and roll.  After maintaining the number one position on Reverbnation for three months straight we wanted to create a more intimate lair to seduce your ears and rub you the right way. Fluffer plays all original music and has been medically cleared to touch you in all of your naughty spots.  Check out our music today and let’s enjoy an Eargasm together!!! 

Fluffer is Tony DeMore on Drums, Michael Bruno on Bass/Vocals, and Rob Trosino Vocals/Guitar.

TUNE in tonight to the graveyard shift to hear your favorite Fluffer songs added to the stations rotation.

-----------------Latest Fluffer Rumors and Innuendos ------------------ 

Happy New Year = Recording demos and new shows in February and March. Plus a new 400 sq ft rehearsal loft.

 MICHAEL BRUNO is really killing it as brand new bassist and thunderous Fluff n Roller!!! 

Quick update to all our friends. Fluffer nation has grown to over 28,000 strong!!!  Thank you for your support and your many listens.

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We are excited to start recording tracks for the debut CD.

We are humbled that some of our live tracks have made it into rotation in Europe to go along with our Australian exposure.  Live gigs are on hold through the end of the year while we record and find a new bass master.


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Williams Ave Pub, Renton, WA

Explosive debut of the new lineup!!! A new era of tasty Flufferness to experience.