Lock up your sisters, mothers, daughters, and even your slightly disfigured mannequins… FLUFFER is back!!! Recently paroled and ready to rock and roll.  After maintaining the number one position on Reverbnation for three months straight we wanted to create a more intimate lair to seduce your ears and rub you the right way.  Our music consists of re-invigorated classic songs and well received originals.  Check out our music today and let’s enjoy an Eargasm together!!! 

Fluffer is Tony DeMore on drums, Matt Bryson on bass/vocals, and Rob Trosino Vocals/Guitar.

New Music !!!! 

We are currently creating new music for our debut cd which will be entitled "Vietnamese Sweat Box".  Pre-production on Miss Guided, Summer of Discontent, Don't Know, Second Hand Angel, Revenge Pt. 2, Again, Starve the sinner, Equal distribution of hate, World's on Fire and Beg Steal or Borrow is well on its way.


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